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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Web sites

Coaches and AD's ,
I have recently completed web sites for each school in the listening area, 96 total, and within those sites put schedules that I have recieved.  At this point the sites are set up for the AD's to have content posting that can be made available to coaches of all sports.  It is a simple process which will allow coaches to post box scores from any event in which they play, post upcoming events, makeup dates and whatever information they would like the public to know.  This information will be instantly available to any media outlet, and with knowledge post can be directly sent to up to 8 different sources including the AD via email.  I still would encourage those coaches to text me the final score for the Scoreboard Shows and Hilites shows, and Chevy Dealers of the Ozarks has stepped up to sponsor a male and female Athlete of The Week, those nominations will need to be made to the school page by Monday of the Following Week.  Period will Start on Monday end on Saturday, nominations due monday following and announcement saturday following as follows for the first month of the season:  remember it is a male and female athlete.
AD's must contact me on an individual basis to gather posting information for both their school page information and to nominate an athlete for the award, I will due my best to gather information from all sources possible to provide to the selection committee, but it will be more likely seen if it is posted to your school page.  And I promise this will be simple.  Questions please call me and I will breifly explain the process, 417-327-6914
Week one nominations
August 22-August 27 nominations due by August 29
Announcement made September 3
Week two
August 29-September 3 nominations due by September 5
Announcement made September 10
Week three
September 5-10 nominations due by sept 12
announcement made September 17
Week 4
Sept 12-17 Nominations due Sept 19
Announcement September 24

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